You are currently viewing The bruschetta. Good in all sauces … but delicious with Italianavera.

The bruschetta. Good in all sauces … but delicious with Italianavera.

cooking time 5-10 minutes
preparation time 10 minutes

ingredients for 4 people
4 slices bread (about 350gr), buffalo mozzarella 250gr, basil sauce 1 jar, oregano to taste

The caprese bruschetta is a typical Neapolitan recipe, a pleasure to be enjoyed at any time: as an aperitif or main course, it is always the ideal choice for those who want to prepare a fresh, light and highly digestible dish.
First, cut the bread into fairly thick slices (about 2-3 cm thick). At this point, the slices must be toasted to perfection; you can use either the “grill” mode of your oven, or simply a hot plate. It will only take a few minutes for the bread to reach the right browning.
As for the sauce, you can choose whether to heat it for a few seconds before pouring it on the already heated bread, or spread it on the bread while it is still in the oven: the heat of the bread will be enough to heat it to the right point.
Finally, don’t forget to cut the mozzarella into cubes, and arrange it on the bread, in order to complete the dish. If you want, a pinch of oregano will be the touch of class for your exquisite caprese bruschetta.

plan B

Don’t forget that bruschetta can be served both hot and cold!
In case you need to prepare a quick dish, you can also spread the sauce on the bread and enjoy it without cooking!