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Who we are

Flavors, scents and colors of Positano in Ticino . With this goal, Anna Pellegrino founded NAPP Sagl in 2014, a small and medium-sized enterprise that has entered the Ticino economy on a permanent basis.

The idea starts from Anna’s journey on the Amalfi Coast where, visiting various towns from Positano to Capri and in the Neapolitan hinterland, she is enchanted by the intoxicating aromas, the environment and the sensations that this splendid land transmits to its visitors. For this reason he decides to bring some of this atmosphere to Ticino, from here the shops Le Meraviglie by Positano and Sartoria Saracena in Ascona and Riazzino are born.

We aim for excellence and uniqueness, being the only importer in Switzerland of the products of the Gragnano Pasta Factory, recognized all over the world. The company operates throughout the country, with business partners both in German and French-speaking Switzerland. The food items come from the Amalfi Coast and its surroundings and follow traditional recipes, the fruits that this volcanic land produces together with traditional manufacturing are absolutely unmistakable. Sauces and condiments, wine and liqueurs and the strong point, the fine Gragnano pasta which is the most requested item by customers and of which we have the honor of having the exclusivity in Switzerland.

In stores, as well as in our online shop , you will find a wide range of products to meet the needs of all customers, wholemeal, gluten-free and organic pasta, as well as lemon, chilli, squid ink and coffee flavored pastas.

Surely one of the projects is to expand our business abroad through online sales. Pasta is the main Italian food consumed abroad and that of Gragnano absolutely does not fear comparisons, so this belief stimulates us to make the product known throughout Europe and globally. We currently have customers who also order our items outside Switzerland, for example from the United States.

Local products play a fundamental role in our business, such as Vallemaggia pepper, polenta, rice and flour bona. We are very attentive to the Ticino economy as a whole and we are proud to collaborate with other SMEs in the sector for this reason we integrate the products of the Amalfi Coast with those of our area.

In addition to its commercial activities, NAPP Sagl organizes training courses, a fundamental pillar in the Canton of Ticino. They aim for excellence as regards the professional knowledge of the staff, the Riazzino office also acts as a shop-school for those who want to return to the professional world. The courses focus on training for the sales, retail and wholesale, logistics, IT, marketing, personnel management and website development sectors.

As an SME we are proud to be active in Swiss trading, which offers great opportunities for those with the desire and foresight to invest.


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