Rice Essence 1kg

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Born from the cross between a Thai rice and a Pakistani basmati, now also cultivated in Italy, essence rice is an aromatic rice that releases a natural aroma, already present in the fields during the ripening cycle, similar to the fragrance of freshly baked bread. This feature makes it perhaps unique and in any case loved and appreciated by anyone who tries it. To better savor its characteristics and to grasp its goodness and fragrance, it is advisable to cook it in abundant boiling water and enjoy it in white with butter or oil and Parmesan cheese or as a side dish. Also excellent for the preparation of rice salads.
“The traditional stone husking process and a meticulous selection allow us to boast an” extra quality “, that is to say to have characteristics of tangible excellence as” extra quality “is a guarantee attributable only to products with defects less than 1/3 of those expected From law.”

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